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Hi, I’m Gail Bradley and I’m a graphic designer based in Leicestershire. My company, Gail Bradley Design, was established in 2008 and I have over 35 years of experience in my field. 


By understanding your business and interpreting your design brief, I can help you to create the marketing solution you need. Whether it be a new brand concept or a simple advertisement, we can work together from the initial concept right through to the completed project. 


In combining impressionable, eye-catching designs, I can help to captivate your target audience, with a professional and personal approach that caters to your every need. 

About Us


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Standing out from competitors with unique, memorable graphic designs takes a lot of time and consideration, by taking it off your hands I can find the right way to refine your brand essence with a fresh perspective. My services are not limited, I cater for all sectors and enjoy applying my skills help your brand grow. 


Logo Design

Are you struggling to find your brand identity? A logo design is the perfect platform for delivering your core message to your audience, anyone might be able to design a logo, but designing a good logo is more of a creative process. It not only showcases what your business is for but also allows for instant recognition. Whether you’re just starting up or are deciding to rebrand, with the help of my expertise I can offer the guidance and support in providing your business with an identity which will be sure to leave a lasting impression.


Brochures & Leaflets

These are two of the most important sales tools that you can produce, but are your current designs working well for you? From initial design to print, content rich designs need careful consideration. Although brochures and leaflets are a great way of sharing relevant information, they need to be engaging and clear, but most importantly reflect your brand. By breaking down your content into manageable sections and presenting your product in an aesthetically captivating way, I can ensure it will stand out with creativity. 



Have you found that your current catalogues aren’t boasting your corporate identity – or perhaps they are too corporate, which could deter potential clients. When a catalogue is designed well it acts as a great marketing tool, capturing the attention of your audience whilst driving traffic to your business. Whether you’re looking to launch a new catalogue or bring new life to your current one, by injecting visual creativity into your designs, I can give you a clear edge against competitors. All of my catalogue designs are clear, easy to navigate and visually enticing to ensure the emphasis is on your products and services. 

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Advertising & Point of Sale

Point of Sale displays, and advertising are amongst the most powerful marketing mediums. Creating engaging designs are key, whether they be in print or online. Portraying your message through the use of type and imagery allows you to effectively communicate to your target audience. By understanding your strategy, I can bring concepts and visions together to meet your objectives, whether these are brand, product or service promotion. Your design can be created within a variety of different sizes and dimensions to produce your desired effect.

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Corporate Branding

Are you keeping a consistent brand image? Do you know how to define your brand? By reviewing your brand strategy, I can bring your concepts and visions to life in the most appropriate format. It’s important to make sure the visual elements of your corporate branding showcases your personality and what you stand for. During the branding process I always take the time to immerse my understanding of your company. By doing this I can indicate and assure consistency of the brand touch points across your business. 

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Got big ideas but don’t know how to present them? An illustration can create great impact. Whether it’s a book cover or creating icons, I can form a visual story that will communicate effectively with your audience. There’s the saying “pictures speak louder than words” and this is true in some forms, illustrations can often convey a message that is too complex to put in words. Through the use of quality illustration, I can help your audiences grasp a more personal interpretation of your business, of which can be supplied in a wide range of formats. 



Although my company is based in Leicestershire, it doesn’t mean my work is limited to the midlands. I have helped a variety of clients transform and grow their businesses through graphic design, ensuring they reach their visual goal. 


My design portfolio showcases just a small selection of the projects I have worked on. If you would like to see any additional work, please get in touch.

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